Blogswarm against Sulpicio Lines catastrophe

| July 9, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Here’s another blogswarm in the Philippine blogosphere on a current events issue that practically everyone feels strongly about.

Filipino Voices urged Pinoy bloggers last July 4-5 to stop the operation of Sulpicio Lines, which was allegedly responsible for the death of hundreds in the sinking of its ship, the MV Princess of the Stars.

That doesn’t mean the swarm has ended, though. Blog entries continue to pour in and are listed in the above post. Visit to read up on those articles.

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  1. Junelle Said,

    Money is Power … so if Sulpicio still has that … they would remain in their position 😛 it has been years and they have a lot of crimes already … if these people have a bit of shame … they themselves would do that … but it seems even conscience does not exist for them 😛
    Di kasi nag mumulto ang mga namatay eh … pag minulto sila … sigurado close yun … PANAWAGAN SA MGA PATAY … MAG MULTO NA KAYO!

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